The Goat Patrol Story

Goat Patrol were formed in 2007 when three pals, who had frankly nothing much better to do, picked up an instrument each and started making a noise which could be loosely described as music. After many evenings and weekends spent strumming, plucking and plonking away in a shed, recognisable tunes began to form and the boys were soon performing in local establishments to some acclaim.

Now playing as a power duo or trio but creating a bigger sound than ever, The Goats play classic songs from the past five decades in a unique 'rock-synth' style, many of which you probably won't hear from other covers bands on the circuit

The set is up-beat, rocky, poppy and sometimes anthemic but the repetoire is there to slow it down or rock it up if desired. The Goats are also a curiously unserious breed so there is usually a few laughs to be had and often at their own expense!

So if you are looking for some good time music to get for your establishment or get-together in the party mood then head on over to the contact page.